To Hungary!

It’s been a long time since my last post and since then I’ve done some things:

  • Left Korea (but almost didn’t because I forgot to get a visa)
  • Stomped around a corner of Australia with my sister. We got stuck in things: a lift, a $10 dollar tent in the arsehole of nowhere, a biblical rainstorm
  • Made it back to the UK and into the bosom of my friends and family, and Humbug the cat
  • Ate a lot of cheese and Branston pickle sandwiches
  • Broke my arm in the least spectacular fashion
  • Got a  job in which I holler (mostly) cheerfully down the phone at the hard of hearing and drink gallons of tea
  • Returned to Center Parcs with school chums to wreak havoc on the forest once again
  • Went to America to be reunited with the previously mentioned fool who I’ve tricked into running off to Europe with me

Also…I’ve developed a decidedly masochistic streak and now spend a significant amount of my time studying quadratic equations and the like in order to retake my Maths GCSE. Happily that unsavory business will be over as of June, and then the countdown to my next adventure begins!

As you can see I’ve changed my header to a distinctly (squashed) not-Korea image, and this is to alert you, the reader, that from here on out I’ll no longer be moaning about kimchi and ajummas. It’s official, in August Robert and I are setting sail for a town in Hungary, the name of which we can’t pronounce, to teach some more unfortunate souls – so you can expect lamentations over goulash and Franz Liszt instead.



2 thoughts on “To Hungary!

  1. You brighten my day with your refreshing style of writing; looking forward to the next instalment! X

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