Saying seeyah soybean

***This is a brief for all of my friends and family who I’m too lazy to update individually : P So consider yourself up to date!

It’s safe to say that I’m not the most discerning eater; I have been known to observe the little-acknowledged 60 second rule, and will generally eat any old thing put in front of me with no complaints (barring last weekend’s cow intestines horror). However, after 10 months of living in a country that considers fermented cabbage and acorn jelly (yes, seriously) the height of fine dining, my tastebuds hate me.

gochujang1 (1)
I’m sorry Korea, but I just can’t get excited about red pepper, soybean or azuki bean (the Korean Holy Taste Trinity) anymore

Fortunately for my tastebuds, I’m outta here in less than two months time! My gastronomic recuperation will begin in earnest in Australia, where I’ll be making a three week pit-stop (accompanied by Hannah!!! <3<3<3) before heading back to blighty. After which I will gorge myself on beautiful British stodge for a few months (it will be my main occupation while I’m back). I’ll then be treating my deprived palate to the delights of mainland Europe as I meander to Budapest, where I plan to set up camp for six months to teach some more unfortunate souls with a foolish fella I picked up here in Korea.

In the mean time I will do my best to smile when the school lunch lady unveils the umpteenth vat of unidentifiable steaming fish broth (because otherwise I will cry), and I will eat ddok (rice cakes) until they’re streaming out of my nose so that I don’t crave them when I’m gone.


2 thoughts on “Saying seeyah soybean

  1. Come back and Ill make you our old staple favourite of Noodles with Chilli flakes and a squeeze of lemon Juice. Just a squeeze mind, as we wouldn’t want to add anymore unwanted calories to that already overwhelmingly calorific dish! D-lish x

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