Dog day afternoon


This photo of my students taking a break from walking the local shelter dogs makes a charming frieze. But it belies the reality of the situation.

For instance, the photo fails to convey both the quantity of poop I was compelled to scoop, and the multiple road traffic related doggy deaths I scarcely managed to prevent. It also gives no clue as to the looks of pure, unadulterated horror on the faces of the park’s resident OAPs at the sight of a pack of dogs and teenage boys charging towards them. Or the similarly horrified expressions on the students’ faces when they were informed that they would have to carry their flagging canine charges.


 Or the disgruntled looks on the dog’s faces when they got carried like this.



2 thoughts on “Dog day afternoon

  1. It’s awesome that you can take your students to volunteer with animal shelters in Korea! My husband and I just came 3 months ago to teach english here. I brought my two pomeranians and I am really happy to see how much dogs are loved. Not as much as in the States but definitely making progress to getting there one day! 🙂

    • Friday afternoons are club time when we have the chance to take our clubs to different places in and around Daegu. It’s pretty awesome : ) Its great youve had such a positive experience with having your dogs in Korea – general attitude towards dogs is certainly changing for the better

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