Should I stay or should I go?

The time has come to decide: to re-sign or not to re-sign?

In the next month or so all NETs will be approached by their schools and asked whether or not they intend to commit to another 12 months teaching.

I personally made the decision to leave Korea after the one year mark some time ago, but now that the time has come to let my school know I’m surprised to find myself weighing up my options.

Staying pros

–         Ultimately I want to become a teacher back in the UK and two years’ teaching experience will make me a much stronger candidate for my preferred university

–         Even if I don’t end up taking up teaching, being asked to renew a contract looks good to any potential employer, and my school would hopefully give me a glowing recommendation if I save them the inconvenience of having to bring in another inexperienced newbie

–         Also ESL teaching provides an opportunity to build confidence and skills in a relatively low-pressure/minimal-responsibility environment

–         I would get to start over with a fresh bunch of first-graders. I know the mistakes I made with this years’ lucky lot and how to avoid making them again

Not a viable disciplining method apparently

–         I would get to see my second-graders graduate

–         I would get to see my first-graders through into the second grade and witness that awkward, hairy transition from adolescence to young manhood

–         I would get to save more money. A low cost of living and free accommodation makes it possible for an NET to squirrel away a tidy sum of money (or so I am told). Think of the bounty I could return with after a two year stint. I could buy a mortgage or a car or even a 13-inch sculpture of Hogwarts


–         I could continue to use Korea as a base to explore more of Asia. Once I head back to the UK I’ll probably be needing to knuckle down for a good spell, and nipping over to Japan for some sushi won’t be quite so convenient

Going pros

–         I would get to hang out with all of those clowns in the UK that I love so much

–         I would get to eat cheese and pickle sandwiches to my heart’s content

–         ‘Humidity’ and ‘precipitation’ would disappear from my vocabulary forever

–         I could begin moving forwards with my career


–         I could work with people that speak my language (theoretically). This is kind of a pro and a con because I would definitely miss all of the hilarious lost-in-translation moments that you get in an ESL classroom

–         I wouldn’t be able to nip to Bali on my summer break but frankly who needs Bali when you’ve got Wells- Next-the-Sea

Cracking huts

And while Mount Fuji is fairly impressive, you can’t beat Mount Snowdon

Definitely not humid

And Shanghai is great and all that, but how about some cobbles?

UK: cobbles galore

It is a tough decision, and I’m glad I’ve thought it through before coming to my final conclusion (not really a habit of mine). In the end though, those cobbles are just too convincing.


2 thoughts on “Should I stay or should I go?

  1. I guess all the ‘Going’ pro’s will still all be there if you did stay another year … just a thought. A year always seems a long time when you stand at the beginning of it, but when you look back, it seems to have flown by. Whatever you decide in the end however, I’m sure it will be right for you – all the best xx (by the way – if you feel the need to see the Scottish mountains you can always come and visit us!!)

    • I did much soul searching even after writing this post and in the end I decided I was happy with m original decision! I would love to visit you in Scotland sometime, perhaps with Dad and the other two : ) x

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