Sweat and the city

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I’m going to talk about how hot it is. On the chance that a future NET happens to stumble across this blog I feel kind of duty-bound.

Coming from probably the mildest place on the planet my experience is perhaps a little more extreme than others’, but here is an idea of what you can expect if you come to teach in the city of Daegu…

– You will start the day as you mean to go on, soaked in sweat. Likely as not you may also find yourself suffering from temporary amnesia and a headache due to severe dehydration

– Over the course of the day you will drink enough fluids to see a camel across the Sahara and back again, and yet your thirst will never be quenched


– You will apply your makeup halfheartedly, knowing that in all probability it will be swimming in your belly-button by mid-morning

– You will not leave your apartment a minute before you absolutely have to because you know that as unthinkable as it is, it really is 30 degrees out there at 7:45am

– You will finally understand and appreciate why everyone around you has been walking at a snail-pace and taking the escalators, and you will follow suit

– You will forget your cynicism regarding the efficiency of handheld fans. Your fan will become an extension of your person and you will genuinely panic if you find yourself without it. You will put serious consideration into the idea of buying in bulk so that you are never without one

– You will arrive at school resembling something dredged out of a bog. You will eventually accept the futility of blotting paper and roll with it. But you will avoid mirrors all day


– If you have the misfortune of experiencing broken ac or a school that unexpectedly chooses to withhold the ac then the moment that you step into your office anticipating that beautiful icy blast that usually welcomes you into your refuge will be the most heart-stoppingly terrible moment of realisation you have ever experienced


– Most of your conversations will be weather-related. The answer to the question “How are you?/How have you been?” is always ‘hot’

– Your students will look like comatose slugs

– When you come across an inexplicably lively class at the end of a long day you will panic because you have sweated out all of your your energy reserves and there is a distinct chance you will pass out mid-lesson

– You will shower twice a day, regardless of your previous hygiene standards. It won’t be enough

– When you arrive home you will get naked as fast as humanly possible and lie beneath your ac panting for around half an hour


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