Becoming Augustus Gloop

Today I found out that in the space of the 3 months I’ve been here I’ve managed to incur five cavities. Five. Thats three more than I’ve ever had in my life. In 3 months. How could this have happened? Have I been obliviously downing litres of Dr Pepper in the middle of the night. No. Rather, this happened.


And this happened.


And finally this happened.


Curse you Paris Baguette with your sugary approximation of bread, curse you crap Korean instant coffee with your syrupy consistency, and curse you fish-shaped-batter-filled-with-beanpaste-selling-lady – why must you insist on stationing yourself right outside my school? It’s as if you know I’m most vulnerable to sweet substances at the end of the day.

And the thing is there is nothing to deter me from continuing my assault on my teeth. My fillings plus scaling cost a grand total of 130,000 won (about £80).

So basically this is my destiny.



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