SK bucket list

In no particular order…

  1. Learn to speak (survival) Korean fluently
  2. See a Korean wedding
  3. See Psy in concert
  4. See Banpo Bridge at night
  5. Visit Seoul world cup stadium
  6. Visit the five Palaces 
  7. Stay in a jimjilbang
  8. Get mucky at Boreyong Mud Festival
  9. Visit Jongmyyo Shrine
  10. Cook a(n edible) traditional Korean meal 
  11. Visit Caribbean Bay Water Park
  12. Visit Lotte World
  13. See a Korean baseball game
  14. Visit Seoul Zoo
  15. Do Angdong Mask Festival
  16. Visit Jagalchi fish market in Busan
  17. Sunbathe on Haeundae beach in Busan
  18. Complete the Han river cycle route
  19. Take the Namsan cable car ride over Seoul
  20. Go on the Everland Express rollercoaster
  21. Visit the ‘hospital on the hill’ in Hong Kong where my Mum was born
  22. See the cherry blossoms in all their glory at Jinhae
  23. Do a temple stay
  24. Visit a natural mountain hot spring
  25. Explore Jeju island
  26. Do an SK train holiday
  27. Visit the DMZ
  28. See the Boesang Tea fields
  29. Go to the sea parting
  30. Conquer the three highest peaks in Korea
  31. Visit Haeinsa Temple where the Tripikata Koreana is kept  
  32. Visit the Penis Park
  33. See the azaleas in bloom at Royal Azalea Festival, Hwangmae Mountain
  34. Spend a weekend in Tokyo
  35. Walk the Great Wall of China
  36. Go to the Inje Smelts Festival
  37. Go to the Seoul Lotus Lantern Festival
  38. Shop at Namdaemun market
  39. Visit Gam Wine Tunnel
  40. Do Holi Hai Festival

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