Six observations

1. Gassy grannies

The rule of three tells me that public flatulence amongst grannies is very much a trend in South Korea.

2. Korea cares

Cameron and co might claim that they want to cut down on the amount of prepubescent porkers and middle-aged coronary attacks but you don’t see the British government providing 100% free, fully-equipped gymnasiums on every available spit of grass or mountain top like good old SK.

3. Under is best

It’s true that we Brits do rather enjoy a good, orderly queue – our ability to wait ‘patiently’ for an inordinate amount of time for stamps marks us out as the most civilised and superior race on the face of the earth. But even we stoic Brits have our limits, or at least this one does. Seven minutes waiting (timed it) for the lights to turn red so I can cross the road every day? Not keen. I’ll just go under the road via the subway instead.
4. In-motion bows
Are possible – as demonstrated by my students en route to lunch today. They needn’t of hurried, the highlight of lunch was a fish and chicken cutlet combo.
5. Korean kids in Taekwondo suits
There are very few things on this earth cuter than a two-foot-nothing Korean kid walking down the street in a full Taekwondo suit practising his ‘hiyaar’s.
6. Aaron Johnson’s tache, and hair
Both are ridiculous in Anna Karenina

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