I heart Korea

Off the top of my head here is a list of stuff I’m currently loving about Korea

– The acceptance of open displays of affection between males

Today I was walking home from school and two of my 16-year-old male students walked by arm-in-arm sharing an after-school snack, it was the sweetest thing.

– The array of colourful trainers on display

Boy do Koreans love a bright trainer and they really jazz up the pavement.

– My cosy little studio

As I’ve mentioned before my new home exceeded my expectations and after a week I feel pretty settled. I have a surprisingly comfy bed and the underfloor heating is a revelation.
– My co-teacher

I couldn’t have asked for a better one.
– The Konglish everywhere you look

Literally everywhere you look. If I tried to document it all I would have my camera permanently glued to my hand. Hilarious.
– How cheap most things are

As a self-professed cheapskate I’m in heaven.
– The food (most of it)

However its usually best not to ask what you’re eating and just enjoy it because knowledge of the ingredients can often kill your appetite instantly.
– Kimchi 

The national dish of Korea deserves its own entry. We’ve had a rocky relationship kimchi and I but we’re now best of pals. Fermented cabbage may sound revolting and believe me at first it tastes it too. But the thing is, kimchi to Koreans is as chips are to Brits – it comes with absolutely everything you order. With this in mind I was determined to love it and after a fortnight or so in Korea I have developed a borderline addiction.
– Korean fashion

These kids are styled to the nines. And its the really little ones too. No Florence & Fred for these babies oh no!
– The cute tat

Any sane person would assume a business couldn’t possibly run solely on the sale of Hello Kitty clothes pegs but this is Korea and cuteness is king.
– The bowing 

Although its often hard to gauge the appropriate degree one should dip at any given meeting and whether or not to go for a bow/handshake combo.
– My principal ‘s diamanté tie

Enough said.
– The slippers in school policy 

So comfy.
– Receiving fist bumps and declarations of love from my students 

In Korea I’m cool.
– Korean hospitality

So far I’ve had three invitations to people’s homes for dinner, an offer of a piano lesson and a discount on ‘facial procedures’. So kind.

2 thoughts on “I heart Korea

  1. wow Lauren I love your comments; seems like you’re having a memorable time! Hope you continue to enjoy it! Take care x
    Jayne B

  2. I m moved about ur comment ‘heart korea’♥
    and a little sad at Konglish ㅠ.ㅠ
    Plz help me to use not kong but eng . I m gonna try hard and u ll b able to see me upgraded with hard practice.

    Welcom Lauren to come to ma school♥♥
    wht a happy to meet u as ma eng teacher!

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