Rising to the challenge

It’s been an eventful few days. There have been highs – going out for dinner at a traditional Korean restaurant with my co-teacher and a lovely lady called Wen; there have been lows – getting locked in the staff room at the end of the day on my first day of school (among other things); and there have been out and out shockers – I attended church, of my own free will (sort of).

Although I’m certainly happy to be out of the orientation incubator, today as I battled with my first day of classes I did miss the security of being in a bubble surrounded by people who speak my language. Fortunately I have my fellow bubble-dwellers to turn to, and of course my oh-so-long suffering friends and family back home.

I can see that the teaching aspect of my time here is going to be a challenge – at least at first – but after all that’s why I’m here so I’m more than up for it.

Also I swear I will upload pics tomorrow from my school laptop!

I mean it this time.


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