Word from the ROK

This post is so long overdue but I solemnly swear to regularly update from now on.

Just in case you want to envision me while you’re reading this, I’m currently hanging out in my newly acquired apartment, chowing down on noodles and watching the Korean version of Eastenders while I wait for the longest wash cycle in the world to end.

I was actually pleasantly surprised when I was let into my apartment. I’d expected it to be approximately the size of a broom cupboard, but its at least twice that size. Mercifully my predecessor was more considerate than others I’ve been hearing about, he gave the place a good clean and tidy and left behind clean bed linen, an array of cleaning supplies, a month’s worth of toilet paper and four bottles of soju. What a guy.

The apartment building itself is clean, tidy and modern and its in a great spot, tucked away just off a busy shopping area. Its pretty quiet minus my neighbour’s violining (?). Anyone who knows me knows I’m keen on parks and I’m opposite a massive one that’s going to look lush in the spring when all the cherry blossoms are in bloom. There’s also a great little market just around the corner plus plenty of supermarkets, pharmacies, hair salons etc. I’m a ten minute walk a way from my school and the closest subway station and just four stops from downtown Daegu, so I’m a happy camper.

I start at school on Monday and am experiencing pretty mixed feelings. I’ve met my main coteacher, who is absolutely lovely, but I’m yet to meet the other eight…Also, whenever I tell a Korean that I’m teaching high school boys their eyes get really big and their eyebrows shoot right up their forehead, as if to say ‘good luck with that‘. I’ve also been told explicitly, by no less than three different people, that if I don’t fancy having my insides excavated via a kid plunging his finger into my rectum at high speed then I should refrain from wearing dresses.

In other news

1. I think I might return with an American twang. The orientation bubble was densely populated with yanks and I’ve found myself adding an upward inflection to the end of statements. I hate myself
2. I am always thirsty here. No matter how much water I drink I never feel hydrated, ever
3. Koreans don’t believe in cars that aren’t black, white or silver
4. I am a celebrity here, beloved by elderly women on trains and teenage couples in cafes both
5. Koreans like to spit, its pretty much their favourite thing in the world to do

6 thoughts on “Word from the ROK

    • Thanks : ) I just read your latest post, your co-teacher sounds perfect – what a great introduction to Daegu. I’m going to my co-teacher’s church tomorrow too. Do you know the name of the one you’re going to?

  1. wow, the dress warning is a little weird but I’d take the advice. It all sounds so lovely aside from the spitting :-S You must post photo’s too, if you can. I’d love to see them. Have fun Monday!

    • I know pretty full on! Only problem is I only have dresses : s I’ve taken loads of photos but my laptop isn’t registering my camera when I connect it for some strange reason…am going to try and use my school one tomorrow!

  2. The word rectum was enough of an indication in this to let me know that you’re going to be a-OK out there.

    Sounding awesome, this is the only thing on the internet apart from porn that captivates my attention.

    Peace, Liam

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