And so it begins

My last working day in the UK coincided with the arrival of that long-awaited email containing my arrival information, meaning I can now book my flight. It’s finally starting to feel real – in just under six weeks time I’ll be packing my bags and catching a one-way flight to South Korea. Watch this space…


6 thoughts on “And so it begins

    • I got the arrival information from my recruiter on Friday so am booking my flight tomorrow! My recruiter is expecting my appointment package early next week so I’ll be able to collect my visa at that point. I’ve been placed in Daegu which I’m really happy about as it was my preferred location. Are you with a recruiter or did you go direct?

      • I went through a recruiter. I didn’t write a specific place I wanted so I got assigned Gyeongbuk province. I do not know the city yet but I’m hoping its really close to daegu since its the biggest city in this joint province. I still haven’t received my arrival date so I’m just waiting to get my ticket and give my two weeks notice at my job, hopefully this week I get some information.

  1. The orientation dates have now been confirmed and are as follows:

    Tuesday February 19th (Team 1)
    POE / MOE: Busan, Gwangju, Ulsan, Chungbuk, Jeonbuk, Gyeongbuk, Gyeongnam
    National Schools in Busan, Jeonnam and Gwangju

    Wednesday February 20th (Team 2)
    POE / MOE: Seoul, Incheon, Daegu, Daejeon, Gangwon, Chungnam, Sejong, Jeju
    National Schools in Gongju, Jeju and Daegu / Andong

    The arrival airport is Incheon International Airport.

    So, you can now book your flight to Korea : )

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